Breastfeeding- the optimal nutrition and many benefits ----

Breast Feeding- the benefits we all need to know.

Breastfeeding is a fascinating topic to discuss. It is remarkable that breast milk is the very first source of nutrition for all humans. It is customized to meet the specific needs of each baby and is a completely natural process. The benefits of breastfeeding are countless. In my opinion, it should be incorporated into the curriculum so that everyone can learn about it and educate others. It is not sufficient to solely educate mothers on this matter. All mothers, particularly during the lactation period, require the support of others, including fathers and other caregivers.

woman with white ribbon on her face
woman with white ribbon on her face

1. Nutrition: Do we need to apply science to this? Breast Milk is tailor made for each baby. It contains the right balance of nutrition up to 4 to 6 months of age.

2. Hygiene- Breast milk is practically non-contaminated, simple hand hygiene and keeping the breast clean will be good enough for babies to have perfect hygienic nutrition. This in turn reduces the incidences of Chest Infection, diarrhoea, ear infections and other infections.

3. Breast milk contains special proteins called antibodies and other proteins which prevent them from catching infection. You can call it the boost of Immune system. One should note that in the first few month’s babies get protection from Antibodies in their system from their mother.

4. As breast milk is tailor made for babies, it is easier to digest.

5. Breast fed babies have reduced incidence of Allergic diseases.

6. Breast fed babies have reduced incidence of Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, certain Bowel diseases and even cancer.

7. Studies have shown that Breast Fed babies perform better in Academics.

8. Emotional bonding and loving relationships are better in breastfed babies.

Benefits to Child

Benefits to Mother

1. Pregnancy does cause weight gain for mothers, breast feeding is known to be effective in weight reduction. It helps in burning extra calories.

2. Post-partum bleeding- breast feeding helps in reduction of bleeding which happens after birth of a baby.

3. Breast feeding is reported to be protective against certain diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and certain cancers like Breast cancer and Ovarian cancers.

4. It is economical for the family.

5. It is the most Eco-friendly option.

6. Emotional Bonding- breast feeding promotes emotional bonding between Mother and baby.

7. Post Natal Depression- Breast feeding is reported to help recovering from Post-natal depression.

Dear Mums- This may be your chance to sit back, relax and enjoy time with your baby.

How good we are at it?

  1. Only around 44 % of Infants are Breastfed in the first 6 months of life.

  2. In India the figure is around 55-60%.

  3. Around 7.5 million children are never Breastfed.

  4. According to UNICEF, 80000 lives can be saved by Breastfeeding.

  5. Reportedly up to 20% Infants in High Income countries are never breastfed.

Some countries are champions- Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Burundi are some countries that have a breastfeeding rate of above 80%.

Rural areas have a higher prevalence of Breastfeeding.

Early initiation of Breastfeeding is critical for survival of Newborns. Delay in initiation is associated with increased risk of death.

group of people standing on brown ground
group of people standing on brown ground


Breast Feeding is contraindicated:

  1. Certain health issues in Mother, or mother is on certain medications.

  2. Similarly there are certain Medical Conditions in Babies.

    Please take necessary advice from your Health Professional.

Breast feeding is an investment where complete support of father, family members and society is needed.